Ymke fan Withers Farm ‘Ster’

‘Ymke’ was born in 2007 and she is the first offspring to be born from the world famous ‘Lukas 324’ stallion in England. Lukas is an American bred stallion known by the name ‘Lord Lukas’ Champion of the world of Dancing Horses – Dianne old’s Rossi – Traveling Show.

He sires top quality offspring and he has fantastic movement, conformation and temperament which he passes down all his traits to his offspring. ‘Lukas’s’ Dam ‘Aaf’ has recently been made ‘preferent’ and this now makes five generations of Preferent or above on ‘Ymke’s’ sire’s side.

‘Ymke’ is out of our full papered FPS Registered Ster mare ‘Omke’ who is also the mother of ‘Tilly Van de Boerenhoeve’. She is the first Lukas offspring in Holland to receive a 1st premie ster status and was also invited to the central mare judging in October 2009. Lukas only stood at stud in Holland for four years so this is a very interesting blood line as there are limited numbers of offspring from him in Europe. ‘Ymke’s’ Grandsire on her dam’s side is ‘Remmelt 323’ – he has received a 1st premie every time he has attended the World Friesian Stallion Show – in total, nine 1st premies. ‘Remmelt’ competed at Z2 level Dressage and in harness he is very impressive. In 1995 he was unbeaten Champion in jumping competitions and won the Jan Timmerprijs prize leaving the rest of the field miles behind. ‘Remmelt’ has proven himself as a real all round Sporting horse.

‘Ymke’ is a ‘big’ 5 year old, she has long legs, a beautiful head and a pretty face. She is extremely friendly and loves being in the field being ‘the boss’ of the young fillies, just like her mother! She wants all the attention and knows how to perform in the ring. ‘Ymke’ has fabulous movement, her canter is progressing very well, and she moves with plenty of freedom at the shoulder, ‘Ymke’ is currently being schooled by our professional trainer, we are currently doing flat work with her and hope to compete at Dressage.

In 2010 ‘Ymke’ was awarded her Ster status by the Dutch Judges in the England grading.

Ymke’s is in foal to Hette 481, which is due end of May 2015

Ymke has now had 2 colts, her first being by St Pierre in 2013, Pierre was too young to go to the UK grading, but this year she will attending with her filly Zanneke fan Withers Farm bred by Hette 481.