‘Weird’ was born in 2007, Wierd is the son of the World Friesian Stallion Champion of 2006 ‘Beart 411’, he originates from one of the finest breeding lines in the Netherlands out of a damline with seven preferent mares, four of which are model.

‘Beart’ was awarded his Sport title in 2008. Wierd’s grandsire on his sire line is the famous ‘Jasper 366’ also World Champion. He is known for his impressive trot and outstanding movements, he has sired four approved sons Jisse 433, Haitse 427, Dries 421 and of course Beart 411. Three of his daughters have become Champions in 2007, this is a proven and strong bloodline for breeding and Dressage. ‘Jasper’ is competing at Prix St George Level in Holland with outstanding results.

‘Wierd’s’ Grandsire on his dam’s line is ‘Pike 316’, ‘Pike’ has impressive bloodlines, because of his preferent mother, grand mother and great grand mothers, this is extremely strong there are 6 generations of Ster/ Model / Preferent.

‘Weird’ has participated in Carriage Driving as a single, pair and a team of four. He has been professionally backed in England and trained by Sophie Reason, who is producing him for Dressage. ‘Wierd’ has regular lesson with Paul Friday. We have great expectations for ‘Weird’, he is a modern luxurious stallion with rhythm in all three paces. He has a correct walk with an elevated, ground covering trot and an uphill canter. He has the will to learn and works very hard, which he does with pleasure.

‘Weird’ received a 1st premie as a foal in 2007 and has an inbreeding of 2.54%. He is out of stam line 99, which is a proven bloodline for the Sport and breeding. ‘Weird’ has a very handsome face, with a very kind eye. He is starting to grow a long mane and tail. He is a luxurious looking Stallion and has great presence He has a very kind and gentle temperament.