Tsjerk 328 Sport preferent

(Feitse x Namme x Hylke)

Tsjerk was born in 1990, he is the son of Feitse 293 Preferent, who was known for producing excellent Sport horses with superb working minds. Nine of Feitse offspring have become model, his offspring are in high demand for both Dressage and Carriage Driving due to their impeccable gaits, confirmation, ride ability and over all pleasant disposition.

Tsjerk’s grandfather is Jochem 259 who is also Preferent. Tsjerk’s dam is the famous ‘Wijkje who is Model, Preferent and Prestatie, she is known as ‘one of the Crown Jewels’ of the FPS Studbook. This mareline is known for producing powerful hindquarters. Wijkje’s also produced another approved son, Djurre 284, as well as 3 model mares and 6 ster daughters. Two of which are model.

Tsjerk was approved in 1993, and approved on his off spring in 1997, not only is his breeding values for conformation still among the highest, his list of preicate worthy progeny is very impressive. He has produced over 400 Ster offspring and also produced 8 Crown Mares, 4 Model mares and 6 sons are approved for breeding – 5 of which were at the Stallion Show 2009 and 37 offspring have the Sport predicated.

Tsjerk is famous for his noble type and producing foals with beautiful heads. He has quality in his movement with superb conformation which also passes on to his progeny. For every year Tsjerk has taken part in the World Friesian Stallion show he has received a 1st premie, in total ten. Tsjerk has been placed 2nd stallion to have his offspring credited with the most sport title in the world. Tsjerk’s Linear scoring from of his offspring shows that he currently belongs to the elite group of top producer of excellent conformation in Friesian Horses. This is also expressed in the high number of champion horses at breeding days and KFPS inspections all over the world with Tsjerk as their sire.

Tsjerk is the Grandfather of Ulrik who is the World Friesian Stallion Champion of 2010 and again in 2011. Tsjerk is also the father of Norbert Reserve Champion 2010.

However the best title the Friesian Stallion could ever receive is a ‘Preferent’, which Tsjerk was awarded this title in 2008. He has also been awarded the Sport title for his outstanding achievements.

Tsjerk sadly passed away on 15th March 2011 at the age of 21. The influence of Tsjerk on the breeding will be meaningful and lasting. This brings an end to the life of one of the most popular and successful friesian stallions.