Tile fan Withers Farm

Tile was born in May 2006, he was our first born, his sire is the famous great Stallion Brandus 345 sport. Brandus is known for his outstanding achievements under saddle and driving, and Brandus has been World Friesian Stallion Champion in 1997 and 1998, and Reserve Champion in 1999 and 2003.

He is the most placid stallion, his temperament is outstanding. All Tile’s ancestors – Reitse 272, Hearke 254 and Mark 232, are Preferent.

Tile is out of our FPS Registered Ster mare Ietske S, who produces top quality offspring. His grandsire is Teunis 332 Sport, now preferent, who has outstanding results for his offspring. This bloodline is already proven and between the stallions in this line the achievements are second to none.

Tile was graded in England and received a 2nd premie with ‘Best Foal for England and Ireland’, 2006. This was not only great news for us, but the local newspaper wrote an article about his achievement.

Tile has recently begun his education under saddle, by the great Dressage trainer and rider, Garry Williams, At the moment we are doing flat work with him and he looks very promising in the discipline of dressage. He has a upward and forward trot and expresses himself in a kind and gentle manner.  Tile has lessons by Paul Friday twice a month.

When being handled he is extremely gentleman like and has the manners of a saint. He has a striking exterior with lots of mane and tail. He is a true dream stallion that truly has it all, talent, looks and personality.

Tile remains entire and has great fun with his field buddy “Harry” playing, chasing and tormenting each other from dawn to dusk.