Omke Ster Preferent

‘Omke’ is a quality Full papered FPS Registered ster mare, we imported her in 2007. ‘Omke’ was a 1st premie as a foal and in 1999 she gained her 2nd premie ster status. ‘Omke’ is from the great stallion Remmelt 323, he is the product of proven bloodlines with his sire ‘Preferent’ ‘Oege’, ‘Oege’ who has produced over 70% of ster mares.

‘Oege’ has produced five approved sons, ‘Riste 322’, ‘Remmelt 323’, ‘Tiemme 330’, ‘Anton 343’ and ‘Lolke 327’. ‘Omke’s’ Dam is one of Holland’s favourite mares, ‘Kee’.

Omke’s successful breeding record includes four 1st Premie foals, one of which is our very own Epke fan Withers Farm. ‘Epke’ took the title Best foal for England at the inspections in 2009. ‘Omke’s’ Daughter ‘Tilly van de Boerenhoeve’ was the first offspring from Lukas 324 to receive a 1st premie in Holland. American bred ‘Lukas 324’ only stood at stud in Holland for four years. We have bred the full blooded sister to ‘Tilly’ at our stud, Ymke fan Withers Farm . ‘Ymke’ was awarded her Ster status in 2010. ‘Omke’s’ Filly of 2010 Inneke Fan Withers Farm received a 1st premie at Vale View Equestrian Center. This summer Ymke will have her first foal, this will be our 2nd family of 3 generations at our stud. In 2011 Omke had a colt called Luke Fan Withers Farm by Norbert 444, the full brother to our Epke fan Withers Farm.  We hope the Luke will follow in his brothers footsteps.

Omke comes from a very special line, she is the only ster mare from Kee, and also is the half sister to Fabe 348.

‘Omke’ is certainly one for getting in the media having appeared in the Dutch Magazine “Seasons” and a wonderful write up in Essex Rider Magazine. Her three year old filly ‘Tilly’ also taking some of the limelight appearing in the Dutch newspaper De Paardenkrant.

‘Omke’ is very well known in Rotterdam, being driven frequently through the City Centre and she is known as “Queen of Rotterdam”. ‘Omke’ continues to live up to this name at the stud, having the best stable, always first to the manger. ‘Omke’ is certainly the ‘Boss’ and she lets everyone know she is in charge. As well as Carriage Driving, ‘Omke’ is a great riding horse either just being schooled or hacking out.

‘Omke’ is the first choice of mares when looking for an honest luxurious type. With a proven record ‘Omke’s’ offspring is guaranteed to please. ‘Omke’ has seamless and extremely powerful movements, an impressive exterior and a beautiful expression, she has a friendly, cooperative attitude.

‘Omke’s’ offspring Epke fan Withers Farm is one of the first of our 3 young stallions to be entered in the World Friesian Stallion Show December 2011 and 2012, Our 3 stallions Drewes, Fede, and Epke are the 1st and only British bred Friesian stallions to be entered into the World Friesian Stallion Show,  Epke has been in Friesland since January 2013 enjoying his driving career with his trainer Ronnie Dekker, In August 2013 Epke is now back home with us and has been awared his Ster title at the UK Friesian grading,  Omke has now bred four offspring who have gained their Ster status, which Omke is now PREFERENT, we have bred 3 of the 4 offspring from Omke and still have 3 more of her offspring who hopefully follow in their siblings footsteps.

Omke is now 20 years young, We think she is due time to herself now.  Omke is the foundation to our yard and she has given us more than we could ever dream of.  Omke can now enjoy her time in the field, she has 3 grand children with her so she has the benifit of still being with the foals to keep her young but not the hussle of having her own.