Menno fan e Butemare – SOLD

We imported two young colts in January 2013, They travelled back to England with us and both have settled in our yard very easy, They have a English playmate Jong Manders.

Menno is by the Approved Friesian Stallion Reinder 452 Sport.

We have imported new bloods to our yard this year. We are looking forward to watching these two new arrivals Menno and Manne.

Leffert 306 is his grandsire on his mother side, his offspring consists of 7 Model Mares, 4 Approved sons, There are now 12 grandchildren and 3 great-grandsons approved. As many as 373 offspring were star, and 30 daughters were now pref. Leffert was 26 years young when he passed away last year.

Menno received a 2nd premie as a foal, he has low inbreeding and comes from the stam line 22. Menno has a cheeky nature and he has now moved to his new home.