Manne fan e Butemare – SOLD

This is the first time we have imported Friesians of this age, Little Manne is bred by Aan 416, which is a new bloodline for our stud. Aan was approved in 2003 and approved on his off spring in 2008. Aan is a great stallion with lots of presence and a real show horse with all the mane.

He completes in Dressage and Driving, he really excels in any discipline which he takes part in. Aan has very low inbreeding of 0.78% and measures 166cm. He has received six 1st premies at the Friesian Stallion Show.


Manne’s Grandsire on his mothers line is a small but rich blood, Hearke 254 was approved in 1976, was made Pref in 1994 and received his Sport title in 2007.

Manne’s mother is Model, she received her Ster in 1996 and become Model in 2007, the last two years we have been privileged watching her preform at the Central Mare Show in Friesland. Manne comes from a Model, Ster, Pref *6,then Ster, Pref*8, then Model, a very good breeding blood line.

Manne travelled back with us to England along with his play mate Menno, Manne and has now gone to his new home, where he is doing really well with his new owner.