Jong Manders fan Withers Farm  – SOLD

Manders is our latest addition to our stud, Luke is the son of Sake 449 Sport. Sake was born in 2005 and is up and coming young stallion, he was approved in late 2008. He is showing a lot of potential in Dressage, he is the Friesian Champion for 2009 /2010 in the Dressage stallion competition. 


He is also the Champion of the Z class with the open Dutch Police Dressage. Sake was awarded his sport title in 2011. Sake’s sire is Doaitsen 420, who was breed in the USA, and is now standing at Stud in Holland, he was Reserve Friesian Stallion Champion 2009. At the stallion Inspection 2008, Doaitsen had the most sons referred to the central examination. Sake is one of two approved stallion by Doaitsen so far. Doaitsen is permanently approved on offspring, his offspring ster percentage is an impressive 64%. His offspring are known for superb quality legs, very tall, modern and are very alert.

Sake’s offspring are displaying a trueness to the breed and have vertically positioned necks. The offsprings from Sake are showing length in walk and showing impulsion.

Anskje fan Withers Farm is one of our home bred mares and now Anskje has had her own foal by Sake. It is something very special when you breed from your own bred mares!!!!!!. Manders is known as the Withers Farm first grandson of our stud!. Anskje is very gentle with her foal, loves being a mum, it has bought the best out in her. We are looking forward to brining Anskje on with her ground work and basic Dressage in the spring.

Jong Manders is very friendly, and is enjoying being in the field, playing with his friends.