Luke fan Withers Farm

Luke is the full brother to Epke fan Withers Farm. There are very few British bred Norbert offspring here in the UK. Norbert was the World Friesian Reserve Champion 2010 and World Champion in 2012 and 2013. ‘Norbert’ is a very modern luxurious stallion, his offspring from 2009 scored 84% of 1st and 2nd premies and several of his offspring become foal Champions.

‘Luke’s’ grandsire is the life achieving ‘Tsjerk’ 328 Sport and Preferent. This stallion has all Sport or Preferent ancestors behind him. ‘Luke’s’ grand dam on his father’s side is ‘Amalia – Annie’ who is model and preferent. In 1996 she became Champion of the Central Mare Show in Leeuwarden, in 1997 she was reserve Champion.

‘Luke’s’ dam is ‘Omke’ who is a full papered ster mare bred by ‘Remmelt’ 323, Remmelt has light movements and has a very good character. He is the product of proven bloodlines with his sire ‘preferent’ ‘Oege’ who has produced over 70% of Ster mares. ‘Luke’s’ grandsire on his mothers side is also the very famous ‘Kee’. The bloodline from both sides make this a very interesting bloodline to breed from. ‘Kee is the mother of ‘Fabe’ who has outstanding achievements, and he was Reserve Champion Stallion of 2000. Omke comes from a very special blood line, she is the only ster mare from Kee, and Omke is the half sister to Fabe.

‘Luke’ is extremely special to us, In the inspections 2011 ‘Luke’ was awarded England Champion Foal and Overall Reserve Day Champion. He comes from a line with a very rich history, a bloodline that is already proven for breeding and sport. Luke has a very cheeky character, he has been very inquisitive to everything and everyone around him just like his brother. This stallion has it all, he is a very modern, tall, handsome, majestic foal and he knows it. He is the best of the best, with an extreme moving, very high stepping, long legged stallion. He loves to perform, he has a tremendous trot, the Dutch Judges awarded him an 8 for his trot, for racial, frame, develop and walk he scored 7’s for each. ‘Luke’ is of an exceptional quality, which we are very proud to have bred him and his full brother at our Stud. Not only because he is British bred and comes from the World Friesians Stallion Reserve Champion 2010 and World Champion 2012 and 2013 – Norbert 444 but he is also a 1st premie foal. Which only 5% of Friesian foals receive this status in the world.

We look forward to watching this colt grow into a stallion, if he continues to perform the way he has in the 1st year of his life, we have great expectations for him. Watch this space!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Luke has now started to do abit of training, just in hand and lunging.