Inneke fan Withers Farm ‘Ster’

‘Inneke’ is one of the first filly offspring by ‘Sake 449‘, ‘Sake’ he was born in 2005 and is the son of the tremendous ‘Doaitsen 420‘, he was credited with the Sport title in 2010. ‘Doaitsen’ is a modern sport type Friesian of impeccable pedigree and performance.

In 2005 ‘Doaitsen’ had the highest index for producing first class foals. He was Reserve Champion of the World Friesian Stallion Show in 2009 and in Leeuwaden he had the most fillies presented at the Central Mare Selection. The Dam line on his sires line is full of Ster, Model or Preferents.


‘Sake’s’ Dam line on his dam side is very strong and interesting, his dam has been credited with the Preferent title in 2007, there are six generations of Ster, Model or Preferents. This is a very rich fertile bloodline and looks very promising for the future.

‘Sake’ received his Ster status in 2007 and was approved as a stallion in 2008. ‘Sake’ is competing in the Dressage world. He has a beautiful conformation and the movement is amazingly supple. ‘Sake’ is a very modern and luxurious young stallion, he is up and coming and showing a lot of potential for Sport and Breeding. Sake’s offspring display a trueness to the breed.

‘Inneke’ is bred by ‘Omke’ , a Full Papered FPS Registered ster mare, We imported her in 2007. ‘Omke’ was a 1st premie as a foal and in 1999 she gained her ster status. ‘Omke’ is from the great stallion Remmelt 323, he is the product of proven bloodlines with his sire ‘Preferent’ ‘Oege‘, ‘Oege’ who has produced over 70% of ster mares. ‘Oege’ has produced five approved sons, Riste 322, Remmelt 323, Tiemme 330, Anton 343 and Lolke 327. ‘Omke’s’ Dam is one of Holland’s farovite mares ‘Kee’.

‘Inneke’ was born on the 14th May 2010 at 5am, she is a confident and inquisitive filly. She has a very pretty head, with long legs, and a lot of character. This filly comes from a very strong bloodline and the offspring from ‘Omke’ have received outstanding results, we have no doubt that ‘Inneke’ will follow in these foot steps.

In 2010 Inneke received a 1st premie at the England gradings. Inneke received 7 for her Racial type, 7 for her Development and a 7 for her Walk. Her frame she received a 7.5, and an outstanding 8 for her trot.

Inneke recieved her Ster status at the UK gradings 2013.

Inneke is under the saddle, after having time off to be a first time mum to Viola fan Withers Farm sire Epke 474.  Viola recieved a 2e at the UK gradings.