Ietske S. ‘Ster’

‘Ietske’ was the beginning of our obsession for this exceptional breed. Born in 2002 Ietske is bred by the very well known ‘Teunis 322’ who is has received a 1st premie seven times over, and has been credited with the Sport title. In January 2011, ‘Teunis’ was made Preferent at the Stallion Show in Leeuwarden.

Ietske’s grandsire is Gerlof 294, he has a wonderful pedigree and is the sire or grandsire of not only ‘Teunis 332’ but also ‘Bonne 341’, ‘Iibert 355’, ‘Nanning 374’ and ‘Monte 378’. ‘Gelof’ has produced over 100 Ster Mares, 2 Model Mares,and 6 Preferent daughters. His offspring include 17 Ster Geldings and 1 Ster Stallion.

‘Ietske’ is a KFPS  ster registered mare, she received a 2nd as a foal, and in 2007 we took ‘Ietske’ back to Holland where she gain her 2nd premie ster status at Kootwijk.

‘Ietske’ has bred outstanding offspring, the first colt we bred with her was ‘Tile fan Brandus’ who took the title Best foal for England and Ireland 2006, and he held that title for 2 years. Her filly Anskje fan Withers Farm received a 1st premie in 2008 and her colt Drewes fan Withers Farm received a 2nd premie as a foal in 2009. In 2010 ‘Ietske’ had a colt by Tsjerk 328, who received a 2nd premie, ‘Hotse Fan Withers Farm’. We are lead to believe that only 5% of Friesian Foals receive a 1st premie in the world.

‘Ietske’ has an excellent way of going with very expressive elevated paces. Ridden a little under saddle her movement demonstrates natural ability to compete in dressage. Ietske is one of the best mums we have, she loves having her foal at foot twenty four seven. ‘Ietske’s’ offspring Drewes fan Withers Farm is one of our 3 young stallions to be entered in the World Friesian Stallion Show Jan 2012.  Our 3 stallions Drewes, Fede, and Epke are the 1st and only British bred Friesian stallions to be entered into the World Friesian Stallion Show.

Ietske S had a colt sired by Tsjalke 397, ‘Rimme fan Withers Farm’ Rimme was awared a first premie and took UK Foal Champion, Rimme also was awared Overall Reserve Day Champion 2013.

Ietske S colt from 2014 sired by Maurus 441 Valori fan Withers Farm was awared a first premie and took UK foal Champion, Valori also was awared Overall Reserve Day Champion 2014.

Ietske S had her third colt sired by Epke 474 Wietske fan Withers Farm, he was awarded a first premie and took UK Foal Champion 2015, Wietske also took the Overall Day Bred Champion 2015