Hannie fan Withers Farm ‘ Ster’

Hannie was born on the 9th June 2010, she is the daughter of ‘Harmen 424’, ‘Harmen’ was born in 2002 and is the son of the great ‘Teunis 332’ who was credited with the Sport title in 2009. ‘Teunis’ has received a 1st premie for every year he has participated in the World Friesian Stallion Show, in total seven 1st premies.

‘Harmen’s’ grandsire is ‘Gerlof 294’, he has produced over 100 Ster Mares, 2 Model Mares, and 6 Preferent daughters. His offspring include 17 Ster geldings and 1 Ster Stallion.   Harmen’s Dam line has 6 generations of Ster / Preferent / Model, His mother ‘Jildau’ who became Preferent in 2002, Four of her offspring became Ster and one of her sons was credited with the Sport title. Harmen’s Granddam is ‘Pierkje’ who is also credited with the Prefernt title in 1989, Five of her offspring became Ster status, two Preferent daughters and one Preferent Model daughter. These are very strong bloodlines and have proven themselves in Sport and Breeding. ‘Harmen’ was a 2nd premie as a foal, he was awarded his Ster Status in 2004. In 2005 he was approved as a Stallion, In 2009 he was honoured with the Sport title for his outstanding achievements. He is the second stallion sired by ‘Teunis’ to be approved for breeding. ‘Harmen’ is the 2007 Reserve Grand Champion of the World Friesian Stallion show, this is the show that boast the highest honorary commendations that can possibly be given to a Friesian Stallion. In 2008 he was in the National Championships in Ermelo Holland. In 2009 he became Holland’s Champion for Driving. Also in 2009 he was honoured with the Sport title for his outstanding achievements. ‘Harmen’ is one of the most successful breeding stallions in Holland, The offspring from ‘Harmen’ have received 84% of 1st and 2nd priemes, His offspring have fantastic movement, a elevated trot, they are big foals with beautiful necks.  Unfortunately Harmen passed away recently, he will be sadly missed by the Friesian world.

Hannie’s dam is ‘Eabel’, we imported ‘Eabel’ in 2007, she was born in 2001 and received her ster status in 2003, she is a full papered FPS registered ster mare, with 7 generations of ster / model on her dams side. ‘Eabel’ is from the famous stallion ‘Fabe 348’. ‘Fabe’ was approved on his offspring in 2001, and has 3 approved sons, Jorn 430, Tije 401 Sport and Sape 381. ‘Fabe’ won the title ‘World Friesian Stallion Reserve Champion of 2000, He has long strides and his trot is full of rhythm.

Fabe’s dam is ‘Kee’ who a very much loved mare of Holland, some of her offspring are all over the world, Mexico, Dubai and America. ‘Eabel’s’ sire on her dam’s side is the famous ‘Tsjerk 328 sport’, he has sired over 483 ster mares, 3 crowns, 9 models, 4 preferents and 6 sons are approved for breeding and 25 offspring have the Sport title. These are proven bloodlines for breeding and sport. ‘Tsjerk 328’ has been placed second stallion in the world to have his offspring credited with the most Sport title. At the UK grading 2010, Hannie was awarded a 1st premie and took UK Foal Champion, she received 8.5 for her racial type, 7.5’s for her frame and trot and 7’s for her development and walk.  Hannie has been backed in March and is showing 3 correct paces.

Hannie has just gained her Ster status at the UK Friesian Grading.  Hannie has enjoyed the winter months off and we are now brining her back into training under the saddle.   At the UK grading 2013, Hannie was warded her 2e Ster status.