Fede fan Withers Farm – SOLD

This gelding was the only British bred foal by the up and coming young stallion ‘Maurits’ 437, but he is also one of the first of ‘Maurits’ offspring to be born. ‘Maurits’ is a very modern stallion, he scored 81 points under saddle in 2009. ‘Ulbert’ 390 Sport is ‘Fede’ Grandsire, ‘Ulbert’ has breed more than 300 1st and 2nd premie foals, more than 60 ster offspring.

‘Ulbert’ is known for passing on beautiful and noble heads and good jet black offspring. ‘Fede’ surely follows in his footsteps. ‘Ulbert’ is now standing at stud in America.

‘Fede’ is out of our ster mare ‘Eabel van de Willam State’ who is bred by the famous ‘Fabe 348’. This is a very strong proven bloodline, ‘Fabe’ was Reserve Champion in 2000. The ‘Fabe’ bloodline is tetman free. This makes this gelding very valuable for sport in the future. Fede grandsire on his mothers side is ‘Tsjerk’ 328 Sport and Preferent, ‘Tsjerk’ has been placed second Stalllion in the world to have his offspring credited with the most Sport title.

‘Fede’ has a good conformation with a strong front and a very pretty head. ‘Fede’ has very polite manners who is calm and is easy to handle. He has long strides and strong in his trot, at the inspections of 2009 ‘Fede’ scored a 7 for his trot. He certainly has the potential for Dressage.

Fede was entered into the World Friesian Stallion show in 2011, We entered 3 of our young stallions and are the first British bred Friesian stallions to be entered in this show. In September 2012 we took Fede to Friesland for training with Ronnie Dekker, Ronnie has put our Fede in the carriage for singles and pairs.  Fede has returned to England and is under the saddle.