Eabel Van De ‘Willem-State’ ‘Ster’

We imported ‘Eabel’ in 2007, she was born in 2001 and received her ster status in 2003. She is a full papered FPS registered 2nd premie ster mare, with 7 generations of ster / model on her dam’s side. ‘Eabel’ is from the famous stallion ‘Fabe 348’.

Fabe was approved on his offspring in 2001, and has 3 approved sons, ‘Jorn 430’, ‘Tije 401 Sport’ and ‘Sape 381’. ‘Fabe’ won the title ‘World Friesian Stallion Reserve Champion of 2000’. He has long strides and his trot is full of rhythm. Fabe’s dam is ‘Kee’ who a very much loved mare of Holland – some of her offspring are all over the world, including Mexico, Dubai and America. 


Eabel’s sire on her dam’s side is the famous Tsjerk 328 sport, Pref, he has sired 483 ster mares, 3 crowns, 9 models, 4 preferents 6 sons are approved for breeding and 25 offspring have the Sport Predicate. These are proven bloodlines for breeding and sport. Tsjerk 328 has been placed second stallion in the world to have his offspring credited with the most Sport title.

Some of Eabel’s offspring are: ‘Theunie Van de Willem-State’ – Theunie is bred by the Famous Dancing Stallion Lukas 324, and she received a 2nd premie ster status in 2009. We then have bred Bieneke fan Wither’s Farm who is also by Lukas 324, so we are hoping that Bieneke will follow in her sisters footsteps. In 2009 Eabel had a colt Fede fan Withers Farm, who was awarded a 2nd premie as a foal. In 2010 ‘Eabel’ had a filly by Harmen, ‘Hannie Fan Withers Farm’ who received a 1st premie at the grading. The Dutch Judges awarded her with the title of Best foal for England and Ireland 2011.

Eabel is our quietest mare, but is an exceptional mother and can be found playing aunty to other foals. Eabel’s kind temperament passes to her offspring and makes her foals very straightforward. Eabel has an upstanding conformation with elegant paces making any of her progeny suitable for dressage.

‘Eabel’s’ offspring Fede fan Withers Farm is one of the first of our 3 young stallions to be entered in the World Friesian Stallion Show Jan 2012, Our 3 stallions Drewes, Fede, and Epke are the 1st and only British bred Friesian stallions to be entered into the World Friesian Stallion Show.  We sent Fede to Friesland to be put to the carriage and enjoys driving as a single and a pair. Fede is also under the saddle.  In 2013 Hannie was awarded her Ster title, and we are hoping to take part in the IBOP test this year with her.

Eabel’s latest offspring is a filly born 4th April, She is the UK first offspring to be born by EPKE 474.  She has a very pretty head, lovely neck and very long legs.