Drewes fan Withers Farm – SOLD

Drewes is a very proud and impressive son of the approved Stallion ‘Maeije’ 440, Drewes is one of the first crop to be born from the tremendous ‘Maeije’ 440 and Drewes was the only British Bred, ‘Maeije’ 440 is competing in both Carriage Driving and Dressage.

Drewes Grandsire on the sire’s side is the very well known ‘Beart’ 411 Sport, he was the Champion at the World Friesian show in 2006, and he became Reserve Champion in 2008. Beart’s Dam Setske F. Ster and Preferent is now ‘double preferent’. In her dam’s pedigree, she is the 7th mare in a row with the preferent title. ‘Beart’ has already 2 approved sons, one being ‘Maeije’ 440 and the other being Pier 449.


Drewes is the son of our ster mare Ietske S, She produces amazing 1st and 2nd premie offsprings, including Best Foal for England and Ireland 2006. Ietske’s sire is the world famous ‘Teunis 332 Sport’ unfortunately he passed away before his time, he is known for giving height to his offspring, and passes down all his traits.

Drewes is a super stylish modern gelding, with a gorgeous neck, and impressive movement, he scored a 7 for his trot at the inspections in 2009. He also scored a 7.5 for frame and development. Drewes has a beautiful front and an energetic character. It will be very interesting for us to watch Drewes grow as his sire was standing at stud in America but he is now back in the Netherlands, there will only be a few of his offspring in Europe and secondly all his ancestors are all Driving and competing at Dressage. Drewes has certainly the potential to do it all. He is a real eye catcher for the future.

Drewes was entered into the World Friesian Stallion show in 2011, We entered 3 of our young stallions and are the first British bred Friesian stallions to be entered in this show. Drewes has recently been in Holland for training in the carriage. We are enjoying driving him as a single and as a pair back here in the UK.  Drewes is alo under the saddle, due to him being castrated in April, he is taking some time out but will be shortly returning to work.