TsjabringTsjabring 429

(Brandus 345 Sport x Tjimme 275)

Tsjabring 429 was born in 1998, his original name was Tsjibbe Ylcke. Tsjabring's sire is the very famous Brandus 345 Sport, Brandus was World Friesian Stallion Champion in 1997 and 1998, he became Reserve Champion for 1999 and 2003. In total Brandus has received nine 1st premies for every year he has attended the Stallion show.

Brandus also became Champion of the Sjees in 1999, he competed at ZZ level Dressage. Tsjabrings traces his ancestry through to Reitse 272 pref, Hearke 254 pref, back to Mark 232 pref these come from the bloodline stam 28.

Tsjabring has low in breeding (under 5%). Tsjabring recieved his ster status in 2005, approved in 2006 and was awarded his sport title in 2007.

Tsjabring has seven generations of Ster / Model / Preferent on his dam's line. Tsjabring's dam Jilke has produced eighteen offspring, she has produced two offspring with the Sport title and also a model mare. Tsjabrings great Grandam Dieke fan 't Fjild produced six ster mares out of twelve offspring. This is a strong and proven bloodline.

We have watched Tsjabring from a young age, making his way through the ranks. He was a 1st premie as a foal, he become approved as a stallion in 2006 and in 2007 he was credited with the Sport title due to his outstanding achievements to Dressage. Tsjabring has competed in Intermadaire level 1and Prix St George. He also does Kur to Music, which he preformed at the World Friesian Stallion show 2010.  

We have a filly from Tsjabring, she is very petty with a fantastic movement and personality, very much like Tsjabring's other offspring we have seen in Holland. Our filly Blomke Fan Withers Farm was one of Tsjabrings first ever offspring to be born and the first offspring in united Kingdom. We look forward to watching Tsjabring with his Dressage over the next few years as he is rated one of the top Friesian Stallions for Dressage.

Tsjabring has a great career and has achived so much, Tsjabring is 18th in the Prix St Georges of the Netherlands. Tsjabring has certainly been an ambassador for the Dressage in the Friesian World. He has now been sold to South Africa and we hope he has a happy and healthy life, He will be sadly missed by us and I am sure his riding partner Judith Pietersen. For many years we have seen Judith and Tsjabring grow as a fantastic partnership, whether it has been at shows or at his home being trained. We wish Tsjabring well with his new family and wish Judith luck with her career.


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