Stallions Used

NorbertNorbert 444

World Champion 2012 and 2013

World Reserve Champion 2010.

(Tsjerk 328 Sport Pref x Hearke 254 Sport Pref)

Norbert was born in 2004, his bloodline is very strong and full of predicates. His sire is the famous Tsjerk 328 Sport, Preferent, who was approved in 1993 as a stallion and approved on his offspring in 1997, Tsjerk has produced over 300 Ster mares and also 3 Crown Mares, 9 Model Mares, and 6 sons are approved for breeding.


maeije-thumbMaeije 440

(Breat 411 Sport x Goffert 369 Sport)

Maeije was born in 2004, Maeije is the son of the World Friesian Stallion Champion of 2006 'Beart 411', he originates from one of the finest breeding lines in the Netherlands out of a damline with seven preferent breeding mares, four of which are model. Beart was award his Sport title in 2008. Meaije's grandsire on his sire line is the famous Jasper 366 also World Champion.


maurits437Maurits 437

(Ulbert 390 x Ulke 338)

Maurits was born in 2004, his sire is the great Ulbert who was credited with the Sport title in 2007, Ulbert is rated one of the top Stallions in the 2001 inspections and ranked third in 2003. Ulbert begun his Dressage career with 8 wins in 2002 and was showing at Z2 level Dressage in 2007 before being imported to Iron Spring Farm in America. Maurits ancestors trace back to the famous Mark 232 who is Preferent. 


SakeSake 449

(Doaitsen 420 x Reitse 272 Pref)

Sake was born in 2005 and is up and coming young stallion, he was approved in late 2008 and was awarded his sport title in 2011. Sake is bred by the stanline 101, he has low inbreeding (below 5%). He is showing a lot of potential in Dressage, he is the Friesian Champion for 2009 /2010 in the Dressage stallion competition. At Present he is the highest scoring Friesian Stallion with recent scores of 73%. Sake is Z2 Dressage, He is also the Champion of the Z class with the open Dutch Police Dressage.


TsjabringTsjabring 429

(Brandus 345 Sport x Tjimme 275)

Tsjabring 429 was born in 1998, his original name was Tsjibbe Ylcke. Tsjabring's sire is the very famous Brandus 345 Sport, Brandus was World Friesian Stallion Champion in 1997 and 1998, he became Reserve Champion for 1999 and 2003. In total Brandus has received nine 1st premies for every year he has attended the Stallion show.

Brandus also became Champion of the Sjees in 1999, he competed at ZZ level Dressage.


HarmenHarman 424

(Teunis 332 Sport x Lammert)

Harmen was born in 2002 and is the son of the great Teunis 332 who was credited with the Sport title in 2009. Teunis has received a 1st premie for every year he has participated in the World Friesian Stallion Show, in total seven 1st premies.

Harmen's grandsire is Gerlof 294, he has produced over 100 Ster Mares, 2 Model Mares, and 6 Preferent daughters.


BrandusBrandus 345 Sport

(Reitse 272 Pref x Oege 267 Pref)

Brandus was born in 1992, his original name was 'Brandt fan e Westewei. Brandus is the son of Reitse 322 who become Preferent in 1996, his Gransire's on his sire's side Hearke 254, and Mark 232 are both preferent. This is a very strong bloodline and proven for Sporting and Breeding.

Brandus was approved as a stallion in 1995, and was approved on his offspring in 2000.


TsjerkTsjerk 328 Sport preferent

(Feitse x Namme x Hylke)

Tsjerk was born in 1990, he is the son of Feitse 293 Preferent, who was known for producing excellent Sport horses with superb working minds. Nine of Feitse offspring have become model, his offspring are in high demand for both Dressage and Carriage Driving due to their impeccable gaits, confirmation, ride ability and over all pleasant disposition.


TsjerkLukas 324

(Sanders x Keimpe x Wessel)

Lukas's birth name is 'Sir Lancelot', he was born in 1986, in California. Lukas is known for Driving and Riding, But most of all he Dances. Some people say that horses can not dance, but the great dark Stallion would prove them wrong. Lord Lukas became 'lord of the Dance' for he has captivated audiences from all over the world with his unsuppressed talent.



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