NorbertNorbert 444

World Champion 2012 and 2013

World Reserve Champion 2010.

(Tsjerk 328 Sport Pref x Hearke 254 Sport Pref)

Norbert was born in 2004, his bloodline is very strong and full of predicates. His sire is the famous Tsjerk 328 Sport, Preferent, who was approved in 1993 as a stallion and approved on his offspring in 1997, Tsjerk has produced over 300 Ster mares and also 3 Crown Mares, 9 Model Mares, and 6 sons are approved for breeding.

Norbert traces his ancestry through to Feitse 293 pref, Jochem 259 pref and Mark pref. Norbert's Dam is the famous 'Ammalia- Annie who is model and Preferent. She was the Champion of the Mare Show 1996 and also Reserve Champion in 1997.


Norbert was a 1st premie as a foal and he was approved as a stallion in 2008, He received his Ster status in 2006. Norbert is excelling in all aspects of Sport, he scored 76.5 for his Riding and scored 85 for Show Driving. Norbert is also completing in Dressage. In 2007 he was the Reserve Champion in the Eurobottle Cup. 2008 He was the Dutch Champion at L2 Dressage, also in 2009 he received the highest score for L2 and M1 level Dressage. Norbert is a very modern Stallion with a noble head, his movement has suppleness and is very dynamic. We are looking forward to watching Norbert over the next few years with Dressage.

Our mare Omke has had two offspring from Norbert 444. first being Epke fan Withers Farm and the second being Luke fan Withers Farm. The results for Norbert offspring are outstanding. His offspring have a massive percentage of 84% of 1st and 2nd Premies. The reports on the offspring have been exceptional. Look out for Norbert offspring in the future as he will be sure to have a large impact on the Friesian Breed with judges focusing their attention to evolving the modern riding sport type Friesian and emphasis is being placed on the movement of the horses through all gaits.

The World Friesian Stallion Show 2010, Norbert made a excellent impression during all of his performances, time and again, he displayed a beautiful extended trot with a movement of suspension. As he made his way thought the classes, the more you could see of him, the more potential you see in this young stallion. Norbert was awarded the World Reserve Champion 2010, World Champion 2012 and 2013.



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