OPEN DAY 13TH JUNE 201512 NOONDETAILS TO FOLLOW SHORTLY    24th August 2014 Fhagbi UK Inspections. Foal Champion - Valori fan Withers Farm Overall Reserve Breed Champion - Valori fan Withers Farm     14th June 2014 Manders Friesians Open Day Details to follow shortly 17th May 2014 Fhagbi are holding an IBOP clinc at Manders Friesians. This is a great opportunity to learn from Sybren Minkema & Jolanda Schreuder. Inspection & IBOP Training Clinics 2014 Dates CONFIRMED !!! FHAGBI are hoping to hold 2 training clinics in May with Sybren Minkema & Jolanda Schreuder 2 of Friesland’s most respected trainers, riders and in Sybren's case Inspector. Saturday 17th in the South at Manders Friesians, Colchester, Essex & Sunday 18th in the North venue to be confirmed by location of members. The clinic will cover everything you will need to know about training, clipping do’s & don’ts and presenting your Friesian for Inspection in the morning with Sybren, and Jolanda will explain in the afternoon using demo riders & horses, training and riding the IBOP Test. There will be plenty of time throughout the day for asking all your questions. If you would like to be a demo rider for the IBOP there are 2 spaces for the South and 3 spaces for the North. This is a perfect opportunity if you are entering your Friesian for this year's IBOP Testing. Price for Members £5 and £10 non-members. Please contact me if you and your friends would like to attend.Elaineelainedeboer@me.com07711 014293 4th April First British Bred offspring from Epke 474 is born Our Ster mare 'Eabel' gave birth to a filly this morning from Epke 474.  We have named her Tetske Fan Withers Farm.   Jan 2014 Off to Holland for the World Friesian Stallion Show    30th October Write up in The British Horse Society Magazine. Lovely write up about our open day back in June, In the photo is Kevin and Karen Gregory.    12th September Off to Friesland for the Central Mare Show   6th September What a lovely surprise  Hey, just sitting outside having a coffee, when a car drives in with a Dutch number plate! Oh, who is this?.  Hey it's Karel Nienhuis, my friend's husband from Friesland, how lovely.  What a small world, Karel's grandmother lived in the next village.  Great to see you Karel, you are always welcome here.     5th September Visit from Dan Foster Looking forward to seeing some of the photos you have taken tonight of my friesians.  It was a shame, I think they have all worked so hard with our open day and the grading and it is really hot, none of the friesians seemed interested in having their photos taken.    24th / 25th August FHAGBI UK Grading.   19th August Getting everything ready for the UK grading Wow this is like moving house, how much stuff am I taking to the grading?  Well, there are 11 Friesians going.    14th August Visit from Sonja Sonja De Vries and Gijs Dragt spent a few days at our home with us,  Gijs was touring England for his work.  We took them to see Dean's father's business - East Anglian Flight Centre.  We had a lovely few days with Sonja and Gijs.   5th August Epke arrives home, back in the UK Great to have Epke home, Now to get him ready for the UK grading.    4th August Visit from Terarossa Lodge Friesians, Australia We met last week at the KFPS training week, how great to have Katrina visiting us in the UK.  Hope you enjoyed your time in London.   3rd August I made in the Phyrso Magazine!   21st July End of an amazing week This has to be one of the best weeks,  Being in Friesland for 12 days, spending time with amazing people from all over the world, learning from the top Friesian Judges, Inspectors and the KFPS Studbook.  Visiting Friesians studs and going to a few keurings, driving our Norbert stallion Friesland, riding Pier 448, non stop laughing with Elaine and Barry De Boer.  It has been an exprience that I will never forget, I can not wait for the next training week. Just when I thought the week was over and I get on the boat reflexing on all the amazing expriences I had, it was a party boat back to England.    21st July WOW! I RODE PIER 448 What a great end to an amazing week in Holland.  I just rode Pier 448 at De Nieuwe Heuvel.  Not only was I spending a few hours with Pier, Alex Van Silfhout gave a lesson aswell.  Thank you De Nieuwe Heuvel and thank you Alex for such a great time at your stables.      17th July Visit Epke and Ronnie Dekker Wow, It seems ages since I last saw my stallion, it was so good to see him, and knowing that in a few weeks he will be returning home in the UK.  It was a lovely warm evening and we took Epke out in the carriage through the forest.  It is something special knowing that I drove to Holland in a hurry to collect the semen, meeting Ted Kop Jansen in a hotel car park as I did not have enough time to drive to his stables, rushing back to the UK with it, inseminating with Norbert semen, I was so excited!.  Waiting for the foal to be born, then watching him grow. Then sending him to Sjoerd and Laurens for training.  I hated sending him away but so see Epke in the first round of the stallion show.  Wow he is ours and even through he didnt get through, we are so proud of him.  Epke returned to us at home where we put him under the saddle.  It was great having him home again, he had grown up.  Sending him back to Holland to Ronnie Dekker to be put in the carriage, then going back in the 1st round of the stallion show for the second time, returning back to Ronnie where him and Epke are out competing in the carriage with some of the best of the best Friesian stallions in Holland.  Wow again we are so proud and excited. Now I am in Holland driving with Ronnie and Epke.  I had a amazing evening with Fam Dekkers and would like to say a massive thank you to Fam Dekkers for looking after Epke.  We are now looking forward to Epke returning home where he will be going to the UK grading in August and having the winter off.  He has worked so hard, think he should have a holiday.  Next year we will be driving Epke with David Rayner.   13th July KFPS Educational Week   12th July Ymke has her first foal  Our Ster mare has her first foal born, a colt by Harmen.  He have named him St Pierre Fan Withers Farm.  Ymke has taken to being a mum really well.   4th July Cutting Hay Now this is our busy time, cutting, turning, and baling for your next years supply.   30th June Joe Boyd Joe is here filming for the second part of his videos,  Dean and his daughter Isabella are featuring in this video.    14th June MANDERS FRIESIANS FIRST OPEN DAY WITH THE BRITISH HORSE SOCIETY   13th June Omke has her foal After a very long wait Omke gave birth to a lovely colt, by SAKE 449.  Both mare and foal are doing well, we have named him 'Sjoerd Fan Withers Farm'.   3rd June Eabel in confirmed in foal to EPKE 474   31st May Off to Holland I love my trips to Holland, catching up with friends and visiting the studs.  I am at De Nieuwe Heuvel collecting semen from Maurus 441, This is the first time we have semen from Maurus and it will be a good change for our yard to have this bloodline, I like bringing new lines into our mares.  We are looking forward to see meeting our new arrival next year.  Whilst I am in Holland, I took the oppertuntiy to driving up to Friesland to see our 'Epke' and to have coffee and cake with Sjoerd Veenstra and Laurens Van Der Meer.     25th May Epke is competing in the carriage with Ronnie Dekker at Utrcht.    11th May FHAGBI IBOP Clinic Had an amazing day with FHAGBI, learning more about the IBOP test, We learnt alot that day and it was great to meet up with other Friesians people, Thank you Elaine De Boer for taking the time putting this clinic on for us.     4th May Epke is at a Carriage Driving competition at Lunteren We were hoping to go to Holland and watch our Epke, but due to us waiting for foals we were unable to see him.  We are so pleased that Epke is the only British Friesian stallion who is in Holland competing in the carriage. 3rd May Ietske S has her foal After sitting up for a few nights, Our ster mare Ietske has given birth to a colt by Tsjlke x Teunis x Ritse, he have named him 'Rimme Fan Withers Farm'.   26th April Joe Boyd - A bit different We have been asked by Joe Boyd if hecould doing the fimling for is song at our stables,  Which Luke Fan Withers Farm has a short part to play ( Norbert x Remmelt ).  Dean and his daughter Isabella will be having quite a large part to play in the filming.  Hope you enjoy Joe's song.  This is the first part to 3 songs. 30th March Epke fan Withers Farm has his first Driving Competition with Ronnie Dekker Epke has been with Ronnie and his family since Christmas, he will staying in Holland to pursue with his Driving.  On Saturday evening Ronnie and Epke had their first show together, It was a real hard class, they was amongst some of the best and well respected Drivers in the Netherland, Age Okkema, Pieter Okkema, and Susan Bowman.  Epke did come last but Ronnie seems to be happy with Epke,  this show was indoors and Epke was not sure about the music  and people clapping part and parcel at his first time out.  Epke has another 9 shows this season so we are looking forward to seeing Epke get better at every show and watch him go up though the ranks.    6th March Visit from De Nieuwe Heuvel Albert and Femke came to our stud, a very productive day!.  Every single horse was taken out of their stable, taken into the school, training was discussed and also stallion choices for this year.  We are looking forward to using different stallions and having new bloodlines. Thank you Albert and Femke for taking the time to visit us and thank you both for all your help and advise you gave us.  It is always good to have a fresh pair of eyes looking at our horses!   February  Off to Holland for De Nieuwe Heuvel Show We had a amazing time in Holland, catching up with friends and watching the evening show at De Nieuwe Houvel.  Watching some of the new stallions who have just been approved.  First time we have been to this show and we would come again next year and recomend other people going there, even if it is just to walk around this amazing stud yard.  It is something special to see. Whilst we was in Holland to drove up to visit Ronnie and Hilda Dekker, Ronnie will be competing with our Norbert x Remmelt stallion in the carriage this year.  We are very lucky that Epke will be staying with Ronnie and we are looking forward to see them at the carriage driving shows.    New Website After a really busy 6 months, going back and forwards to Holland nearly every two weeks, I am some how managing to do a new site with a lot of help from Robert.  Thank you Robert for all your time, effort and patience.  I hope every one enjoys our website and I look forward to keeping everyone updated with things that are happenings at our stables.  20th Jan 2013 Off to Holland to collect our 3 new arrivals Lorry is checked and ready, off we set to Holland in the bad weather!. Frozen Ice, snow, wind then rain we had it all this weekend just to add to abit of pressure!. We left Friday evening early to miss the next lot of snow, arrived in Holland to more snow than what we thought it would be. We had most of the day to spare and for a first for us the stud which we have brought our mare from had a grading for the Haflinger, seems very strange watching other breeds of horses and different colours, not one black horse!!!!!. We loaded the two six month colts and then our mare, the snow is getting heavy again, on the road and lets get back to the boat. They travelled so well and seemed very settled in the horse box. Back on the boat and now we just have to worry about the English weather in the morning. We dock, we drive off the boat and there no one bit of snow in sight because it;s raining and its raining hard!!!!!. Glad to be home and unload the Friesians, they have all settled in and the two colts are now in with our weaned colt 'Jong Manders' and I am over the moon with my Norbert 444 x Anton 343.   January 2013 New Stables Our two and half year olds will start their training this year so we are planning ahead!. They have never been separated so now it is time to put them in their individual stables, and now we have 3 new arrivals coming we have built a few more stables. They have been custom made to suit our Friesians, it consist of 3 internal gates so we can have 4 individual stables or 1 / 2 large pens, we have designed them so when our 3 foals arrive in the summer we can have larger pens so they can socialize together, then when they are older we can put them back to 4 stables.   January 2013 Nice Horses Shampoo Manders Friesians are now Englands suppliers for Nice Horse Professional Horse Care, You can find these products in our shop and on facebook. We sell Horse Shampoo, Conditioner, Mane & Tail Spray, Mud Fever cream and also Dog Shampoo. This has been produced by a Dutch Friesian Breeder in the Netherlands.   13th & 14th Jan 2013 Still in Holland We Started our day by visiting our young stallion 'Epke fan Withers Farm'. Wow it had only been 4 weeks ago that we last saw him but has he grown up. It was great to see him, just to spent some time with him and see what Ronnie had been doing with him. Epke's first driving show is the end of march so really looking forward to watching. Then our last day was spent visiting the two new colts which are to keep our little foal company back home. We also find my Norbert 444 x Anton 343 mare, which I have been looking to buy for just over 2 years. Very excited to be returning in two weeks to collect our 3 new arrivals.   8th Jan 2013 Friesian World Stallion Show This is what we really look forward to at the Friesian World Stallion Show. We always start off in our usual way, visiting friends for coffee and cake, and a visit to the saddleries. The stallion show is a must for any Friesian lover, we love seeing all of the young stallions going through the ranks and of course seeing the 13 years and older stallions showing the young one how to do it. Walking around the stalls and chatting with every one, going to the clinics is always interesting. This time there was a new clinic held by Cally Matherly showing us how she takes just amazing photographs of the Friesians. Cally has allowed me to use some of her photos and use her video, so firstly I would like to thank Cally for the use of her photos and video and secondly thank you for your clinic which you put so much work into. You do a great job Cally and I really hope that the KFPS ask you to do another clinic in 2014!!!!!. Well that time has come again for the second year running NORBERT 444 World Champion Congratulations to the owners of Nobert, Martie van der Zee and her family and secondly congratulations to Stal De Mersken for Reserve Champion Tsjalle 454.   13th December 2012 Euro Friesian Cup Off we go to Holland for the annual Christmas Show and Euro Friesian Cup. We would like to say a very big thank you to Nico Meijer who very kindly invited us to the VIP table for the day, This is always an excellent day, whilst there is the finals are the Dressage, there is also a competition for the young Hoof Smiths. It was a fun packed day and you never know what is going to happen!, hence the photo of Age Okkema pushing Nico out on a quad bike.   31st November Driving and bringing our 2 stallions home - Epke is staying in Friesland Having a few days in Friesland driving our boys!. Driving our own bred stallions in Friesland was a very strange feeling, they are our little boys now all grown up. We took them out as singles and pairs, Thank you to the family who have looked after them and treated them as they own horses. We have decided to leave Epke in Friesland and enter him into the 1st round of the World Stallion Show. It was abit of a sad day as our 3 stallions have been together from foals and this is the first time one has left the pack. We dropped Epke off at our trainers and he seem to settle in. Back to the Drewes and Fede to collect them and bring them home. 26th November Epke fan Withers Farm These stallions are checked in every way possible and are scrutinised, it is so much different to a normal grading, they are entered for a breeding permit. We are pleased with how Epke performed on Monday, he did his best and that is all we can ask from him. He is still a winner to us!!!. Unfortunately even though Epke passed the test in the morning, the judges decided not to take them through to January 2013    25th November De Nieuwe Heuvel Whilst in Holland, we went to De Nieuwe Heuvel to watch the final round of the Euro Friesian Cup and to take a look around his stables. The new stables for his Approved stallions is just amazing, they live like Kings. We will look forward to returning when the stables are finished and seeing the stallions in their new home.   November Our stallions going out in the Carriage for the 1st time in England Bless them, this is the first time we have taken them out for a drive on our right side of the road!. They was amazing, did not put a foot wrong. The came back into the yard as if they are now in charge, all grown up!.   28th September Picking our mares up It has been a long few days, travelling to Holland with our stallions and now traveling home with our mares and Renske. It was great to see our mares and all in foal as well. Omke in foal to Teunis, Ietske and Ymke in foal to Sake.   25th September Our 3 stallions are off to Holland to be broken to Harness. Well we go again, actually starting to call Holland our second home!. Our 3 Stallions, Epke, Drewes and Fede fan Withers Farm are on our way for training in Friesland.   14th September Central Mare Show This was the first year that the mare show was held at a different place, It was a cold, wet and windy weekend. The mares that are entered into this show are second to none, starting with the foals, going though to the model mares, watching the carriage driving and the dressage.   End of July Hay Making It is that time of year again. Time to get our year's supply of hay.   31st July Our Sake colt is born Well this was a surprise, a foal three weeks early. Lucky we had been checking Anskje as this is her first foal. She had only come in from the field a few days earlier. I sat up for 2 nights watching her on the CCTV and at 1am our little Sake was born. He is lovely, jet black, long legs and just cute!   7th July Het Friesch paard Limbury Whilst being in Holland visit our mares, we thought we should go on a weekend that a grading was on. Lovely grading at Limbury, watching the Fillies, the older mares and the kroon mares.   18th May Omke is in foal to Teunis 332 Well, I did say we was planning something different and here it is. Our Ster mare Omke is in foal to Teunis 332, We are really looking forward to this 'big' foal. Teunis was born in 1990 and sadly passed away before this time, Teunis has produced over 280 Ster offspring, 13 offspring with Sport title, 14 Model mares, and 10 preferent breeding mares so his breeding is proven. His breeding are limited as there is only frozen semen available in 2007 he produced 7 offspring, 2008 4 offspring, only 1 in 2009, 1 in 2011, 2 in 2012 and 4 due in 2013 one of which will be ours. 11th May 2012 Mares going off to Holland Well, this year we decided to do something different. Our 3 ster mares are off to Holland to be inseminated. Omke, Ietske and Ymke are all ready to go, Lorry is loaded, Vet has been to sign off the Export and Health papers. See you in the Morning Mrs Toonen!   27th April 2012 Shows at Stal Chardon and Fam Bosma What a lovely surprise this week was, We started off catching up with friends and breeders as always and topping up on cake and coffee. The first show was held at Jelmer Chardon, Whilst enjoying watch Jelmer show his friesians, there was also driving and riding with Peter Spahn. Then Jasper 366 made an appearance, Jasper is 18 years young and still looking amazing. We had a chance to say hello to him in the stables, he has given the friesian breed 4 approved sons and much more. The weather has been amazing this weekend, the sun has been out but it is the Queens birthday!. The Fam Bosma show is a must, WOW the first thing we saw when we arrived was Abe, Aan, Reinder and Jense, the stables are lovely are were all standing next to each over, Abe is father to Aan and Aan is father to Reinder, a hole family of approved stallions, son, father and grandfather. Not many places you can visit and experience that, and to watch them being riden all at the same time. It is a traditional true family run stud, we was made very welcome and the food was amazing. I know I will be returning to their next show. Jan 2011 Eabel is ill with an infected tooth root Our poor Eabel, she really has suffered with the infected tooth root, She has spent a week in our vets trying to clear the infection, then another week in the Royal Vet College in London. She has now had two holes drilled in her face to try and get this tooth out, and mayor surgery, but finally the huge tooth is out. I could not believe how big the root was, Eabel is now back home and is resting. This will be a very long recovery as we have to flush her face through everyday for 5 months and hope that the hole closes up.   Jan 2012 World Stallion Show We love this week away, catching up with all our Dutch friends and the breeders. Catching up with what is happening in the Friesian world!. A visit to the farm shop and of course the saddleries is all a must!. Watching the young stallions that have come through the ranks from Ermelo, is very interesting for us. These young stallions do so well and their performances are second to none, even at this early stage. We spent some time this year going to some of the clinic's that the KFPS hold, It is always good to have a 'refresh' and learn more about the Friesians. One of our favourite times of the stallion show is when the older stallions are performing, showing the young ones just how it should be done. It has been a wonderful 3 days and can not wait for 2013. 23rd December 2011 Our Boys arrive back home from the 1st round of the Stallion Show Well this has been a busy time, our new stables are finished on the day our boys arrive home from Friesland, and most important we have all our Friesians home for Christmas. So pleased to see them settled in their new stables, Really did miss the boys not being in our yard.   1st December 2011 1st Round of the Stallion Show 2011/2012Epke, Drewes and Fede fan Withers Farm - 1st British Bred to be entered into the 1st round of the World Friesian Stallion Show Well after all the stress and worry, the time has come for our three young stallions to show us what they are made of!. Our stallions are the first British Bred Stallions to be entered in this round. They done their 1st part of the day, they have an assessment of conformation and movement both in hand on a hard surface. All three of our stallions passed this part and they are entered into the second part of the day. All 3 stallions performed really well, unfortunately the judges did not take them through to January. The Judges said our stallions needed time to mature and develop. They were the babies of their groups! We are so pleased with how our boys done on their tests. It is new to them and to us. It has certainly been a huge lesson for us and learnt a lot about what is expected and just how hard it is to get a stallion through to the next round. The rules are so very strict as these stallions are going for a breeding permit not a ster grading. It is great to see such a strict studbook controlling how we breed and what we breed with. September 2011 Central Mare show at Drachten We have had a lovely time watching all the stunning mares. It was a busy programme over a couple of days, We have watched everything from Dressage, the foal gradings, Yearlings, two year olds, Ster geldings to the championships of youngsters. On the following day, there was group from the 3 year olds, Ster mares aged seven and older. Crown and Model mares made a splendid show being followed by the Carriage Driving. Then to end the day, the overall Mare Champion of 2011. What a fantastic weekend in Friesland. To finish our weekend, we went to visit our 3 young stallions in Friesland. Their training is going well, it was great to see them all and spend some time with them. 28th Oct 2011 - It's a filly! Our Brandus x Teunis mare is in foal to Sake 449 and for the first time we sexed our unborn foal due in August 2012 and IT'S A FILLY. Oct 2011 UK Kuering Luke fan Withers Farm received his 1st Premie and also took UK Friesian Foal Champion. Luke then went back in the ring at the end of a very long day and received Reserve Champion of the Day!   September 2011 13th Mare Show Off we set for a weekend in Holland and can not wait to see our 3 boys there. Also looking forward to the Central Mare Show.   8th September 2011 Our 3 young stallions are going to Holland How proud are we?, Our three British Bred young stallions are leaving for Holland to be entered into the World Friesian Stallion Show 2012!. We have the first ever British Bred Friesian Stallion to be entered. We are so pleased with the boys, We can not wait to see what happens next!   17th Aug 2011 Anskje is in foal to Sake 449. 29 July 2011 Trip to Holland I had a great weekend in Holland, went over to collect some semen, and managed to go to two Friesian Shows, one in Drachten and the other at Esbeek.   7th July 2011 Dean's Daughter's Prom Very Proud moment for Dean, It was his daughter's Prom. All the girls looked stunning in their prom dresses.   19th June 2011 Omke had a colt Born at 12.55am, Both mum and foal are both well. We have named our Norbert x Remmelt Colt Luke fan Withers Farm.   30th May 2011 Baling This year we have sown our own grass and haylage and to our surprise we ended up with having two crops. We felt we would be pushing our luck going for a third, but we could of done!, so as a result we are now over run with too much lush grass. We have used a 'Simple System' mix with afew extra grasses.   March-April 2011 East Anglia Rider Magazine How lovely for our Friesians, East Anglia Magazine have feature 'Manders Friesians' in their Breeding Section!   14th Jan 2011 Stallion Show 2011 Off to Holland for a week in the snow!. 5 days of Friesians Friesians and more Friesians. We love the Stallion Show on our first day we watch all the young stallion coming up through the ranks which were selected in December 2010, on Friday we enjoyed watching the Carriage Driving and going to the clinics. The best is Saturday watching the older stallions and waiting to see who is going to be crowned Stallion Champion and for the second year running the champion for 2011 is Uldrick 457.   18th September 2010 UK Kuering God what a week, the mains water pipe had a bad leak in our road and the water board decided to shut everyones water off, the day before our grading - Great 5 horses and 3 foals to bath and NO WATER!. Everything that could of gone wrong has gone wrong!!!!!. Clippers broke, Foals white head collars have been delivered to someone else, and even something has gone wrong with the horsebox. Anyway after a lot of stress we are all ready to go to the show. Hannie fan Withers Farm recieved a 1st Premie and UK Friesian Foal Champion Inneke fan Withers Farm recieved a 1st Premie Hotse fan Withers Farm recieved a 2nd Premie Our 3 year old Lukas Mare recieved a 2nd Premie STER and our 3 year old Beart Stallion 'Wierd' also got his STER grading and took UK Friesian Stallion Champion. WOW what a day, We can not believe how lucking we have been this year, it made all the stress before the show worth while!   30th August 2010 Ymke Home from Holland Really pleased our Ymke is back home, it was great to see her back in her own stable.   19th June 2010 Robert riding Tile Some of our 'Friesians friends' came to visit, to see the foals and of course have a coffee and chat. Barbara comes every year without fail to see our new offpsring. Robert who always comes along as well rode 'Tile', our 4 year Stallion by Brandus. Robert you did look good on him!. Robert is in his second year at Hartpury Equine College.   11th June 2010 Perfect timing! I arrived at home the same time our vet arrived, We checked the semen in our Lab and yes there was loads of swimmers, Our vet Clinton was very impressed just how many swimmers there were - We have done our first insemination this year, we will scan 'Omke' in 18 days time to see if it has taken. Fingers crossed!.   10th June 2010 The vet has been and scanned 'Omke' and yes pick that semen up and come home, I had time to kill so I stopped at a few more friends and caught up with more Friesians. I was soon on my way to collect the 'Norbert' semen, then back on the boat ready for the inseminating tomorrow morning.   9th June 2010 Ymke fan Withers farm off to Holland I also missed our mare going to Holland for 6 weeks training, I was hoping that I would be there to greet her in Holland but we were like ships passing in the night - literary!   9th June 2010 I'm off to Holland Picking up 'Norbert' semen and our last foal arrived!. This is going to be a very busy week, Our Ster mare 'Eabel' waxed up last night so Dean is on foal watch tonight and I'm off to Holland as we scanned 'Omke' earlier today and she is ready to be inseminated in the next few days. Dean stayed up watching the CCTV and 'Eabel' gave birth to a filly at 5am this morning. This was another surprise as this filly was 23 days early, but she is up and running around and she is a healthy little filly. This little filly is by 'Harmen'. I have arrived in Holland missing the birth of our last foal, I popped to have coffee with friends and catch up with Friesian world in Holland. In the evening there was a Friesian Carriage Driving Show in Friesland so I went to watch and really enjoyed it as it gave me another chance of catch up with lots of the other people.   8th June 2010 What a surprise I went out to feed the mares this morning and our Ster mare 'Ietske S' has waxed up, so I stayed up all night watching her on the CCTV and at 2am 'Ietske' gave birth to her colt 21 days early, This beautiful colt is by 'Tsjerk' and has very long legs and a handsome face. He is a healthy foal and mum is very protective with him. We have decided to name him 'Hotse fan Withers Farm'   Friday 14th May 2010 Omke's Had A Filly 

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