maurits437Maurits 437

(Ulbert 390 x Ulke 338)

Maurits was born in 2004, his sire is the great Ulbert who was credited with the Sport title in 2007, Ulbert is rated one of the top Stallions in the 2001 inspections and ranked third in 2003. Ulbert begun his Dressage career with 8 wins in 2002 and was showing at Z2 level Dressage in 2007 before being imported to Iron Spring Farm in America. Maurits ancestors trace back to the famous Mark 232 who is Preferent. 

The Dam side on Maurits sire line is very strong, there are many Preferent / Models. Maurits's Dam line is Wendy fan it Pompebled, she needs one more Ster on her offspring before she is made Preferent. The Bloodline of the Dam is also strong with many Preferents / Model. There is nine generations of Ster / preferent / Models. This is a very good bloodline and very interesting for breeding and Sport.

Maurits as a foal received a 2nd premie and was awarded the Ster status in 2006. In 2007 he became approved as a stallion with a 1st premie. He is bred from the stan line 50. Maurits has a seamless and extremely powerful movements. He presents the desired luxuriant features and has a great stance. Maurits has 75% of the inspected foals gained 1st and 2nd premies. The off spring have very long front legs and have been generously developed with much length in the necks.

We have bred one of the first of the crop from Maurits and the only British bred foal from him in England. Our gelding Fede fan Withers Farm received a 2nd premie in the inspections of 2009.  This season the Maurits offspring are going forward for their testing, we hope Maurits will become approved for life!.

June 2011 - Maurits gained the sport predicate in Dressage with Esther Liano.

In the first year of his offspring reaching the age of 3, 11 of the offspring had been awarded their Ster status.


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