maeije-thumbMaeije 440

(Breat 411 Sport x Goffert 369 Sport)

Maeije was born in 2004, Maeije is the son of the World Friesian Stallion Champion of 2006 'Beart 411', he originates from one of the finest breeding lines in the Netherlands out of a damline with seven preferent breeding mares, four of which are model. Beart was award his Sport title in 2008. Meaije's grandsire on his sire line is the famous Jasper 366 also World Champion.

He is known for his impressive trot and outstanding movements, he has sired four approved sons Jisse 433, Haitse 427, Dries 421 and of course Beart 411. Three of his daughters have become Champions in 2007, this is a proven and strong bloodline for breeding and Dressaage. Jasper is competing at intermediare Levels with outstanding results.

Maeije's Dam line is extremely strong there are 7 generations of Ster/ Model / Preferent. Maeije's Grandsire on his Dam line is Goffert 369, who was born 1994, in 2002 he was sold to Iron Spring Farm in America, they had shown Goffert at his best competing at Grand Prix Dressage, Unfortunately Goffert passed away in 2007.

Maeije was awarded his ster in 2006, entered the Studbook in 2007 and received his sport title in 2011. Maeije is bred from the stam line 8. The first year of his offspring reaching 3 years of age, 15 of the offspring received their ster status.

Maeije is a powerful stallion with fantastic movement, rhythm, and he has an amazingly strong walk. he has the will to work hard and does it with pleasure. At his first stallion inspection he received a 1st premie.

Maeije is participating in both Carriage Driving and Dressage. He scored over 67% at the Pavo KFPS Stallion competition in October 2009. He was approved in 2007, but in 2009 he was sold to Iron Spring Farm in America but has returned to the Netherlands. There will be a limited number of offspring from Maeije in Europe and possibly one or two in England apart from our gelding Drewes Fan Withers Farm, so this will be very interesting for us, This year Maeije offspring are going for the proformance testing so Maeije can become approved for life!. Good luck to all the offspring who are taking part in the testing.


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