TsjerkLukas 324

(Sanders x Keimpe x Wessel)

Lukas's birth name is 'Sir Lancelot', he was born in 1986, in California. Lukas is known for Driving and Riding, But most of all he Dances. Some people say that horses can not dance, but the great dark Stallion would prove them wrong. Lord Lukas became 'lord of the Dance' for he has captivated audiences from all over the world with his unsuppressed talent.

Lukas is the Master of Dancing Horses. He was the star of the well known American show - Dianne old's Rossi - The world of Dancing Horses. Lukas would receive a standing ovation and a tear to the eye every time.

Lukas won time and time again for English pleasure and Driving also hunter at the Challenge of the Breeds in California. In 2004 Lukas moved to Holland where he stood at stud for a only a short period and he is now back in America. Therefore only a limited number of offspring in Europe. We are lead to believe that we are the only people in the United Kingdom to have offspring from Lukas 324, So this is a very special bloodline for us.

Our mare Omke has given birth to a Lukas filly called 'Tilly Van de Boerenhoeve' who was awarded the 1st premie Ster status and was entered into the Central Mare show in October 2009. We also have the full sister to Tilly standing at our stud 'Ymke fan Withers Farm' of which we are sure Ymke will follow in Tilly's footsteps. Our other mare 'Eabel Van De Willem State has also has given birth to a Lukas filly by the name of 'Theunie van Stal Zwanenven' who has also received the Ster status, and again we have bred her full sister 'Bieneke fan Withers Farm'. Watch this space!

Lukas can be viewed on YOU TUBE under Lukas 324 or Lord Lukas Dancing Horse.

Lukas 324 sadly passed away in October 2011 due to natural causes at the grand age of 25, he will be sadly missed.


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