AnskjeAnskje fan Withers Farm Ster

IBOP 79 Points

UK Reserve Foal Champion 2008
(Brandus 345 Sport x Teunis 332 Sport, Pref x Ritse 322)


This promising five year old mare became a 1st premie in 2008 and will be entered into the UK grading this year to gain her ster status. She is bred by the famous 'Brandus' 345 Sport, he is the favourite of all time, Brandus has been World Friesian Stallion Champion in 1997 and 1998, he became Reserve Champion in 1999 and 2003.

He has also been honoured with the Sport title due to his outstanding achievements, one being the Champion of the Honorary Class in 1999 for Driving the Sjee's. His ancestors Reitse 272, Hearke 254 and Mark 232 are all Sport or Preferent. Reitse has class, a beautiful poise and posture.  It will be great to hear that Brandus will be made preferent in the very near future!!!!. 

Anskje is out of our FPS registered ster mare 'Ietske S'. who gained her status in Kootwijk Holland in 2007. 'Ietske's sire is the famous Teunis 332, he has received seven 1st premies one for every year he attended the World Friesian Stallion Show, unfortunately he passed away before his time, which makes this a very interesting bloodline for the sport and breeding. Anskje great grandsire on her mothers side is 'Gerlof 294, he has a wonderful pedigree and is the sire of not only Teunis 332, but also Bonne 341, Iibert 355, Nanning 374 and Monte 378.

'Anskje's' full blooded brother is 'Tile Fan Brandus' who took the title of best foal for England and Ireland 2006. 'Anskje' has a superb temperament, with a lovely approach to life, she has an elegant trot with uphill breath taking movements, extended with a lot of suspension. 'Anskje' looks very promising for the Dressage potential. 'Anskje' is tall, luxurious with lots of mane and tail, she has a very petty head. She has a beautiful expression, a friendly attitude. This is a mare of high quality to sport and breeding.

At the inspections, the Dutch FPS Judges awarded her with an 8 for Racial type, an 8 for her frame, 'Anskje' also scored 7's for her walk and trot. This is a bloodline which has many preferent and a mare of which we will certainly hear more in the future, either for sport or breeding.

In 2011 'Anskje' has been professionally backed, In 2012 she had her first foal, a colt by Sake 449, Anskje is a great first time mother.

2015 Anskje went to Holland to be trained by Ingebrog Klooster, She completed her IBOP with 79 Points.


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